• 1 – 2 November 2001 : Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance Hold Summit in Korea for the First Time

    The Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance held its 6th Steering Committee meeting in Seoul on 1st to 2nd Nov 2001. The meeting was held in the new COEX complex among the 5 founding members (Infoshare CIECC, CrimsonLogic, KTNET, TRADELINK AND TRADE-VAN) and TEDI as the observer.

    Significant progress was reported in the following areas:

    • 1. Secure Cross-border Transaction Services

      Scenario analyses were done and pilot companies were identified for tests to be conducted between November 2001 and February 2002, for implementation in March 2002. The PAA announced that an operating company will be formed to manage the Secure Cross Border messaging and the Pan Asian Portal.

    • 2. PKI Mutual Recognition

      The PAA Policy Authority endorsed the PAA Certificate Policy and the associated recognition procedure. The Certificate Authorities supporting the 5 founding members of the Alliance and TEDI are expected to be recognized in the first quarter of 2002. The purpose of creating a mutual recognition framework is to allow secure and trusted cross border exchange of electronic trade documentation and information among PAA members.

    • 3. Pan-Asian Portal

      CrimsonLogic presented a live demonstration of the Pan Asian Portal with mockup of the Traders Directory, Search capability and company information. The system is expected to be completed and deployed by January 2002. The possibility of expanding the portal into an e-Marketplace is also being examined.

    • 4. Cargo Tracking Service

      The Cargo Tracking Working Group demonstrated the global logistics visibility. A prototype is being built involving some customers from KTNET and TRADE-VAN. Cargo Tracking Working Group was set up to incorporate cargo tracking functions into the Secure Cross-border transaction services. The PAA identified several logistics information providers to collaborate with in this project.

    • 5. TEDI

      TEDI reported that two operating companies have been formed namely TEDIANET and JETS to run its commercial operations. It is expected that TEDI will become a full member in the near future.

    PAA initiative was formed in mid 2000 comprising the following founding members:

    • Infoshare CIECC, China International Electronic Commerce Center of China
    • KTNET or Korea Trade Network
    • SNS or Singapore Network Services, now known as CrimsonLogic
    • TRADELINK or TRADELINK Electronic Commerce Limited of Hong Kong, SAR
    • TRADE-VAN or TRADE-VAN information Services Corporation., of Chinese Taipei