• 13 February 2004 : 14th Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance Steering Committee Meeting in Seoul

    The Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance, known as PAA, established in July 2000, is the first regional e-Commerce alliance in Asia that promotes and provides secure and reliable IT infrastructure and facilities for efficient global trade and logistics. Current PAA Members comprise Tradelink of Hong Kong, Trade-Van of Chinese Taipei, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, KTNET of Korea, CIECC of China, TEDI Club of Japan, Dagang Net of Malaysia and TEDMEV of Macau. The 14th PAA Steering Committee meeting was hosted by KTNET in Seoul from 12th to 13th February 2004. CAT Telecom Public Co. Ltd. from Thailand participated in the meeting as an observer.

    New hub users have joined the PAA Secure Cross Border Transaction Service. As a notable example, CIECC and Trade-Van recruited ABIT, a world-class motherboard manufacturer in Chinese Taipei, to conduct electronic transactions with its global production factory, Rolly, in Suzhou China.

    Mr. Park Bong-Kyu, Deputy Minister for Trade and Investment Policy of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy Korea, extended his warm welcome to PAA members and his strong support for the PAA Initiatives. Dr. Lee Suk Young, Vice Chairman and CEO, Korea International Trade Association also expressed great satisfaction with the progress of the PAA and reiterated the very high recognition of the PAA in Korea, especially amongst the business community.

    Dr. Chen Jenn-Nan, Chairman of the PAA and CEO of Trade-Van said, “It is pleasing to note that the PAA regions have the highest growth in the world economy. To support this growth with greater efficiency , the impetus to paperless trade is stronger here than in most other regions in the world. We are glad that the PAA in its small way, is helping APEC achieve its goal for paperless trade, through its initiatives in secure cross border electronic transaction services and its global visibility platform to provide door-to-door cargo tracking.”

    Other initiatives discussed by the Steering Committee include:

    • 1. A title repository to facilitate the online title document transfer for cargo shipments.
    • 2. Further expansion of its global visibility platform (cargo tracking service) to more PAA customers to track the status and location of their cargo shipments.
    • 3. Collaboration with UN/CEFACT on the possible adoption of the ebXML Core Component approach for an international document modeling standard.

    The 15th Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled to be held in Malaysia in May 2004.