The Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance (the PAA) held its 25th meeting in Singapore on 25th – 26th April 2007.

    The Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance established in July 2000, is the regional e-Commerce alliance in Asia that provides secure and reliable IT infrastructure to promote efficient global trade and logistics. Current PAA Members comprise Tradelink of Hong Kong, Trade-Van of Chinese Taipei, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, KTNET of Korea, CIECC of China, TEDI Club of Japan, Dagang Net of Malaysia, TEDMEV of Macau and CAT Telecom Public Co. Ltd of Thailand.

    The year 2007 marks the 7th Anniversary of PAA.

    Reflecting this in his welcome address, Mr. Amiruddin Abdul Aziz, Chairman of the PAA and Executive Director of Dagang Net said “Alliances of this nature historically does not last long but, not only has PAA has proven history wrong, I am confident that PAA will continue to exist for many more years to come”.

    Mr. Amiruddin believes that the spirit of unity, collaboration, sharing and most importantly, a common objective and vision is the secret to the success of PAA longevity. He also acknowledges that another crucial component is the strong support from the members’ respective Governments.

    “I am also certain that these are the elements that attracts other economies, for there are already growing interest from economies towards becoming PAA members. This is strong testimonial of PAA’s value to these economies and to achieving paperless cross border trade. Maybe we may even have to consider changing our name as some of these economies come from outside of “Asia”. Mr. Amiruddin said.

    The Director – General of Singapore Customs, Mr. Teo Eng Cheong, was the guest of honor in the official welcome dinner.

    Mr. Teo expressed excitement in Singapore’s growth in total trade and the success of Singapore’s Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with various major economies around the world. He stated that the total trade volume of Singapore increased by 3% to SGD205 billion for the last quarter of 2006.

    Working in tandem with the Singapore Government, one of the PAA members CrimsonLogic will develop, operate and drive the adoption Singapore’s TradeXchange® over the next ten years. TradeXchange® is the first IT project in Singapore to be sealed as a Public Private Partnership and will play an integral part of the country’s trade infrastructure.

    TradeXchange® is a neutral and secure trade platform that facilitates the exchange of information within the trading community for more efficient movement of goods within, and in and out of Singapore. Mr. Teo also expressed confidence that PAA is well positioned to take the lead in promoting efficient global trade.

    The 26th PAA Steering Committee Meeting will be held in Malaysia in July/August 2007.