(13 August 2010, China) Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited (“Tradelink”, SEHK: 0536) announced that the 35th Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance Steering Committee meeting, hosted by China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC), was held from 12 to 13 August 2010 in Qingdao, China.

    At the meeting, it was noted that the Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO) initiative between Korea and Taiwan was a success, as evident from the numerous transactions that took place from May to August this year. The acceptance and recognition of the ECO by the Taiwanese Customs authorities is a significant milestone in cross border trade.

    The meeting also noted the establishment of the cross border cargo tracking project between China and other PAA members. Information tracked included vessel, cargo status and port information, amongst others.

    Another key focus area was that the PAA will be embarking on a new initiative to facilitate the trading and logistics communities’ compliance to the new EU Import Control Systems regulatory requirement – for the advance submission of pre-arrival shipment information to customs authorities in the 27 EU economies, as well as Switzerland and Norway.

    It must be noted that the 35th PAA meeting holds special significance this year. PAA Chairman Mr Leong Peng Kiong said, “PAA, founded in year 2000, has crossed its 10th year mark in forming the alliance. We are indeed glad to have come so far with this successful alliance and this significant milestone definitely calls for a celebration here in Qingdao.”

    “Over the year, PAA continues to achieve new heights in its mission of promoting secure cross border trade. We have adapted well to the changing landscapes and requirements of the different economies, and have put forth new initiatives and ideas that have been well received by our members,” he added.

    The guest of honour,Deputy Director-General of Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, P.R.China, Mr Nie Linhai said “Our vision is to create a good external environment for the enterprises to develop e-commerce, accelerate the healthy progress of e-commerce in China and to facilitate domestic and international trade.”

    At the same time, he emphasized “In the past decade, with the spirit of cooperation and the wisdom of group, PAA has innovatively explored the new mode of regional economic cooperation, promoted the liberalization, facilitation and the process of economic and technological cooperation of cross-border trade.”

    The 36th PAA Meeting will be held in Yokohama, Japan in December 2010.