The PAA logo is designed to express the image that multinational corporations combine and cooperate to provide clients with global e-trade service. Portraying this, the PAA, a union of multinational corporations, in the new world of e-commerce, is symbolized as a ship’s steering wheel guiding the way ahead through the rough seas. And Its color – PAA Blue – symbolizes the color of sea and earth. The logo also incorporates the philosophies of “Pan-Asian e-Commerce Alliance” that derive from the name itself.

  • Diversity (from Pan-Asian)
  • Reliable, Secure and Trusted Services (from e-commerce)
  • Global Cooperation (from Alliance)

The logo implies that standing at the center of customers’ needs PAA is building a cooperation network based on strong solidarity and confidence, and that it creates new value through the central hub of pluralism. It also symbolizes PAA’s emerging movement as a “creative tie” combining the diversified sectors of the Asian member nations and amid such diversity converging into one.

The logo’s two belts and one circle depict “Harmony”, “Unity” and “Common Belief” of PAA.

The two belts express stabilization and harmony, representing that PAA is united in a stable and harmonized manner based on confidence.

The circle in the middle describes the concentrated energies of the multinational companies (PAA members) based on common belief.

The radiating spokes signify “center,” “development” and “expansion” which are PAA’s ideals and purpose. The apex of the image symbolizes that PAA will assume a hub role for Asia’s e-trade network.

The omnidirectional lines represent PAA’s online services. Their appearance stretching outward from the center circle symbolizes conversion of PAA’s concentrated energies into diversified services and expresses the progressive strides of PAA as well.