• China International Electronic Commerce Centre, CIECC

    CIECC logoCIECC is the executive organization and technical support entity for the informationalization construction of Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). CIECC shoulders the mission to construct, maintain, and operate the backbone website of China’s key informationalization construction projects, and undertakes the mission of international cooperation and exchanges of state-level electronic commerce. CIECC has been much cared by leaders of CPC (Communist Party of China) and the State.

    As a China’s international e-commerce pioneer, CIECC has participated in drafting e-commerce standards and rules in commercial and trade area. CIECC has constructed, operated and maintained the sole unified network platform served for macro management control and service of Chinese government. This platform has improved government’s working efficiency. It also provides detailed information support for MOFCOM in the field of business management, statistical analysis, and early-warning policies.

    CIECC’s efforts in promoting international e-commerce have been recognized by its international counterparts. It is also the place of the UN Trade Network China Development Center, APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance, and the member of Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance.

    CIECC uses world-class software, hardware equipment and advanced network architecture. CIECC has constructed 100 city-level network nodes all over China. Three data centers respectively located in Yizhuang and Dongdan in Beijing, and Guangzhou realize a world leading intercity triangular hot backup system. At present, this is the unique world-class informationalization infrastructure available in China. Apart from meeting the informationalization construction demand of MOFCOM, CIECC is also able to provide disaster recovery service for other ministries and large enterprises.

    CIECC has built an all-round network security system with world leading network security equipments and monitoring system. On average, everyday, CIECC defeats tens of thousands of Hackers’ scanning and attacking activities. Network security accident has never happened at CIECC.

    GFA CA of CIECC is the first security CA system in China with self-owned copyright. It is the only administratively authorized 3rd party CA institute among the ministries under the State Council. CIECC has constructed 32 CA certificate issuing agencies and 100 technical support institutes throughout China. CIECC has issued over one million CA certificates, and is able to provide security CA service for tens of millions of users.

    With the accumulated successful experience and mature technology in the past ten years, CIECC provides two major areas of e-Government and e-Commerce services for domestic and foreign enterprises. The services mainly cover four aspects including public affairs, professional business, security and credit. CIECC has owned one million members.

    China International Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd. is absolutely owned by CIECC. As a state-level e-commerce all-round service organization, it operates the authoritative, stable and secured third-party service platform of China’s international e-commerce. Seven powerful companies subordinated to it include: Cofortune Information Technology Co. Ltd., GFA E-commerce Security CA Co. Ltd., China National Credit Information Service Ltd., Jinjiang Fuyuan Hotel Co. Ltd., Jade Bird Commerce Technology Co. Ltd., Wanguo Changan Disaster Recovery Service Co. Ltd., and European-Asian Investment Holdings Co. Ltd..

    The e-government platform of MOFCOM that CIECC constructs, operates and maintains has integrated over 100 e-government application projects, relating to five categories such as import/export, foreign investment, international economic cooperation, domestic trade management and governmental information service. This plays a key role in the communication and development of China’s commerce and trade area.

    CIECC provides enterprises professional application services of trade information, enterprise credit, trade matching, supply chain management, retailing and purchasing, trade finance, coordinating operation, mobile e-commerce, and enterprise-end management etc., covering every key joint of the trade service chain.

    CIECC has systematic marketing network and a professional customer service team with prompt response. CIECC has accumulated a large number of staff with high degree diplomas, proficient technical skills and good qualifications. By launching face-to-face training programs, CIECC helps China’s enterprises improve e-commerce theoretical level and application ability to realize digital marketing.

    Guided by the principle of “accurate positioning, emancipating the thought, opening and innovating, servicing and developing”, CIECC sticks to the strategy of “cooperating with partners, accumulating resources, servicing government administration and developing commerce”. In modern service area, CIECC will apply the first class information technology to construct an international 3rd party commercial and trade service platform, to be the e-commerce leading force in China and a world-class famous IT enterprise.

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