• Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDI-I)

    EDI-I logoEstablished on June 1995, EDI-I, a joint venture company between State Owned Company and Private Company, is a leading provider of Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange services in Indonesia. EDI-I provide services ranging from EC/EDI Value Added Networks (VAN) with the robust network security; EC/EDI Service with varies message standards; System Integration; Consultancy to Software Application, SOA Solution  & Training provider.

    Among of EDI-I clients are institution and corporate with various fields, such as Export/Import, Customs, Government Agencies (licensing, permitting, and certificating agency), Customs Broker, Shipping Lines Agent, Airlines Agent, Bank, Port Authority, Retailer (buyers and suppliers), and Automotive & Electronic Manufacturer.

    Towards regional and global trade facilitation, EDI-I also involve in application development and infrastructure supporting for Indonesia’s first National Single Window (NSW) system. Starting the first pilot implementation on December 2006 in Batam Island, whilst the continued trial phases are already underway in Port of Tanjung Priok-Jakarta since December 2007 and scheduled to be deployed in others main port at the end of 2008. The NSW system  involves the Indonesian Customs (lead agency), the trade community, Government Agencies related to export, import, or transit procedures, such as: Ministry of Trade, The National Agency of Drugs and Food Control, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Post & Telecommunication, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Environment, Indonesian National Police, and Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency.  Backed up by all of it’s experience, EDI-I strive to provide the best solution for all Government Agencies services by reducing cycle time, avoid human errors, maintain data validity, and cost effective through the implementation of information system together with exchange of information. For more information details , please visit www.edi-indonesia.co.id.