CAT Telecom
  • CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT Telecom)

    CAT Telecom logoCAT Telecom Public Company Limited has established itself as an outstanding leader in telecommunication industry in Thailand. With the robust networks of terrestrial, satellite and submarine cables, CAT Telecom provides all kinds of high quality, domestic and international, telecommunication services and other related services.

    CAT Telecom is determined to continuously develop its services to efficiently respond to the increasing and changing demands of customers with a strong emphasis on superior service quality and innovations.

    CAT EDI is one of our services which facilitates electronic data interchange among business and government sectors. CAT EDI allows trading partners to do business transaction with standard and proven technology. We provide ease of connection with business and government sectors such as the Royal Thai Customs for electronic declaration documents, the Port Authority of Thailand for e-Manifest service. We also connect several banks allowing the transaction of Financial Electronic Data Interchange(FEDI) for customs tax payments.

    CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Empowering Thais Communication. Please visit for more information