CAT Telecom

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT Telecom)
Register on 14 August 2003, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited was corporatised from the Communications Authority of Thailand under the Corporatization Act B.E. 2542. All business, rights and obligations, assets and liabilities related to telecommunication of the Communications Authority of Thailand were transferred to the newly established CAT to ensure the seamless Continuity of operations and service provision.

Be the national leading digital and telecommunications service provider


  • Reform the organization to increase performance and to support the government on the nation's digital services.
  • Develop and explore digital and telecommunications services by introducing novel technologies and innovations that match customers needs.
  • Continuously expand customer base and deliver good service experience.
  • Create appropriate returns to stakeholders while supporting government policies and having social responsibility commitment.

Type of Business:
Operate and deliver telecommunications and other related services to customers domestically, internationally and overseas

Feeling at Ease with Quick and Safe Import-Export
    It is the electronics information exchange system with the ebXML international standard, well accepted by users throughout the world. It is fast, safe, trustworthy and economical. CAT EDI provides both the B2B and the B2G service systems. For the B2G system, CAT EDI serves as the gateway of the Thailand National Single Windows – NSW which integrally links the information between the government sector and the private sector so that the information exchange can be entirely done at the Single Window Entry; for example: the Paperless Customs. The CAT EDI outstanding services include:

  • Creating the added value to the business by doing electronics transaction which increases the facility in exchanging information, and also reduces the overall costs of the organization.
  • Able to be used on internet network. It serves for any size of organization, and the transmission of documents on other protocols, to include: HTTP, SMTP, FTP, and all types of electronic information. This type of information transmission is certainly safe.
  • Being a standard system which can help to make people trust that business. It is efficient, meets with the standard, and is highly confidential. There is no problem in the business information transmission.
  • It can reduce the costs of the organization, the steps in document delivery, and the entire expenditure of the organization.

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Empowering Thais Communication.


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