Trade-Van Taiwan and Trade Window New Zealand jointly create a cross-border blockchain platform for trade

February 5th 2020

Trade-Van, the customs and trade national single window operator of Taiwan and Trade Window, New Zealand Customs Clearance and Electronic Certificate Services Company signed a cross-border blockahin for trade cooperation agreement in Auckland to create a more convenient and secure cross-border trade environment. Through the Taiwan-New Zealand blockchain platform cooperation, importers and exporters, logistics service providers, and government agencies of the two countries could utilize the blockchain platform to transmit and verify various international trade documents, reduce cross-border trading costs, and improve international trade efficiency. The signing of this agreement also symbolizes that the cross-border trade blockchain cooperation network of Trade-Van has further expanded from Asia to Oceania.

The cooperation of this blockchain for trade platform will focus on cross-border customs clearance, trade, and logistics documents exchange, including commercial invoices, bills of lading, customs declarations, quarantine certificates and other related documents exchange and online verification. In addition to cross-border document verification, this bilateral blockchain platform cooperation combines with product traceability management, helps the users not only to verify the authenticity of the cross border documents, but also to trace the original sources of the raw materials. The blockchain for trade platform together with the traceability service could further ensure the quality and trust of the products of the two countries, and create the greatest value for the traders of the two countries.

Alan Hsu, Chairman of Trade-Van, said, "Trade-Van is actively working for the integration of Taiwan and global partners. New Zealand and Taiwan have signed the Taiwan-New Zealand Economic Cooperation Agreement in 2013. Blockchain cooperation symbolizes the closer integration of the trade relations between the two countries with innovative technology. We target to create a more complete cross-border trade environment for Taiwan's customs, trade and logistics industries, and connect Taiwan to the world with new technologies. "

The blockchain's decentralized system and security mechanism are well-suited for international trade operations. Through the "smart contract" of the blockchain, the operating costs and unnecessary errors caused by human intervention in the original manual process can be greatly reduced. The cross-border trade blockchain cooperation between Taiwan and New Zealand will create a better environment for cross-border customs clearance, trade, and financing for Taiwan and New Zealand customs and trade operators, and further promote bilateral trade between Taiwan and New Zealand.