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TradeSign is a Certification Authority which carrying out by KTNET(Korea Trade Network). KTNET specializes in e-TRADE services through the internet and provide various trade-related services including finding client, customs clearance, logistics and settlement. Since the commencement of operation of this company by KTNET in 1991, the cost of both time and expenses necessary for trade procedures has remarkably reduced. KTNET provides international trade automation services using the EDI system.

TradeSign is the Certification Authority Center which was established according to KTNET's experience for e-TRADE and technical know-how. TradeSign is specialized in e-TRADE business related to Digital Signature Act and Electronic Transaction Act. Therefore, TradeSign bring trust to e-TRADE service by issuing the Digital Certificate which authenticate identification of user, assure the integrity of messages.

TradeSign provide certification service to as follows:

  • eXedi (XML/EDI)
    The eXedi is a trade automation service that realizes B2B of XML/EDI on the web firstly in Korea. Companies in any place can access to eXedi using the existing Internet Connection. Only web browser be required to use this service, This service is accessible to anyone with an ID which is given on membership subscription.
    CTB is a internet service of CTW(Cyber Trade World) which is a portal service for e-TRADE. CTB provide electronic payment solution for trade community at the trade procedure. CTB is implemented with double encryption and certificate roaming. CTB service connected to KEB(Korea Exchange Bank) which is responsible for payment cleaing.
  • BaroEFT
    BaroEFT is an electronic settlement service that Intellectual Property agencies pay the handling charge to KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office). Digital Certificate identifies users, and the payment messages are secured.