Taiwan CA



To facilitate certificate authentication for e-services in the securities, finance, insurance and commerce industries, TAIWAN-CA.COM Inc. (TWCA), under the agreement of the Ministry of Finance, was organized and established on Dec. 17, 1999. TWCA, with 103,500 thousands in capital, is mainly composed of five main shareholders, TSEC (Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation), FISC (Financial Information Service Corporation), TISC (Trade-van Information Services Corporation), TSCD (Taiwan Securities Depository) and Hitrust Inc. Not only in capital pooling, TWCA also integrates main shareholders long-term technology, practice and experience in the industries of banking, securities and insurance, providing the most consolidate on-line financial security certificate service and embarking on the installation and promotion of sound financial security environment, to ensure the security of on-line finance and electronic commercial trade.

Objectives of the business:

  • To promote Public Key Infrastructure security of e-commerce.
  • To provide total, comprehensive, certificate-based solutions for Internet transactions.
  • To integrate the strong authentication of e-service.
    Our shareholders, The Financial Information Service Co., and The Tradevan Information Service Co. , have participated in developing certificate services in the field of Finance & Commerce for many years. We accumulate and combine those experiences and skills to perform a trustworthy system for a new one-stop shopping service.
    To secure transactions on the Internet web, TWCA offers trusted high quality and technical services to efficiently meet the needs of customers. High-Level Secure and Risk Control: TWCA has established a good internal audit procedure & risk control system. All keys and certificates under physical & logical system security management are kept under secured protection.
    TWCA’s equipment, state-of-the- art computer systems and peripherals, offer speedy and integrated services, which make customers feel confident in our operation