Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated Systems, Inc.

Since its establishment as an administrative body under the Ministry of Finance in 1977, Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated Systems, Inc. (NACCS Center) has dedicated itself to provide prompt and highly accurate trade processing services with an online system called NACCS. Through several system upgrades over the last four decades, NACCS has expanded its original services coverage, the customs clearance processing and international cargo handling, to the airport/harbor community management and other related services. Currently NACCS provides a single window system.

 On October 1st, 2008, NACCS Center was privatized in accordance with cabinet decision and is now called the“Nippon Automated Cargo and port Consolidated System, Inc.(NACCS Center)”as a private company.

NACCS Center celebrated the 10th anniversary of privatization in October 2018.


Now, NACCS has become a consolidated logistics information platform, which supports the supply chain management essential in international logistics. It is the only system in Japan that links trade related parties online. It achieves centralized management, sharing, and reuse of information jointly used by private/ public sectors by providing comprehensive processing of various procedures. 


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