Korea Trade Network

In accordance with the Korean government's basic plan for comprehensive trade automation, KTNET was established in 1989 with 100% investment by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).

KTNET, which the government designated as a trade automation business (presently known as National Paperless Trade Infrastructure Provider ) in 1992, has contributed to the innovative improvement of trade processes and reduction of trade-related expenses by realizing automation services for all the complex processes of export & import businesses through establishment of paperless trade infrastructure, achieving economic effects that reach US$ 5.57 billion annually.

Through the world's foremost trade system linking about 97,000 customers and trade-related organizations, including trading companies, banks, customs brokers, shipping companies, insurance firms, forwarders and bonded storages, KTNET has digitalized about 614 types of export & import documents in the G2B and B2B sectors and is processing an annual average of 370 million cases of paperless documents, thereby carrying out a true hidden champion's role in the development of national industries.


Realize the goal of “Paperless Green Growth” beyond “Paperless Trade,” 

KTNET is presently authoring a new chapter in the history of trade.

Pioneering Korea's paperless document industry, such as certified e-document center, certified e-mail address (#Mail) and Accredited digital certificate, KTNET is taking the lead in converting the IT paradigm.
Now, KTNET's paperless trade service provides individuals with smart and convenient working environments and enables enterprises to strengthen competitiveness through reduction of expenses and enhanced productivity and intends to become a driving force for the nation's further development through green growth.
Without resting on its laurels, KTNET is determined to exert incessant efforts for the future of the paperless industry all over the world.

Infrastructure Service Provider for Eight Business Areas

Having operational experience and know-how in paperless trade systems, 
KTNET has been designated by the Korean government as an Infrastructure Service Provider for 8 business areas


Please visit https://www.ktnet.com for more information.