Tabadul, the Saudi Company for Exchanging Digital Information, was established in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Elm, a leading technology solutions company. Tabadul’s investments are focused on the areas of information technology, communications, and knowledge industries. In accordance with the pursuit of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and the aim to make the country a global logistics center, Tabadul’s vision aims to become the main incubator to facilitate the global trade system and become a pioneer in providing innovative technical solutions that increase efficiency, enhance transparency, and activate the operational performance of the global trade system.

Tabadul also seeks to raise the Saudi Arabia’s performance in the logistics performance index (LPI) and DTF, to hold a place among the first 25 countries, and raise its place in the classification of cross-border trade, globally, to be among the 49 countries provided. Tabadul has gained extensive technical experience through designing and managing various innovative digital platforms in cooperation with several government agencies. In 2018 Tabadul launched “Fasah” platform, which considered the first platform in terms of quality and individuality in the world in providing a single window solution for all electronic exchanges with regard to operations at KSA customs and services. Fasah facilitates the entire user journey from end-to-end, ensuring the ease of imports and exports in Saudi Arabia.

Among the various distinctive e-services provided by Tabadul based on the best smart solutions, Fasah also offers the Truck Management System project (TMS), which contributes to regulatory affairs, increasing efficiency, competitiveness, and security control in Saudi ports, as well as counting the average truck cycle time in each port through the application of smart solutions, in addition to linking all government agencies, including Saudi Ports Authority, Saudi Customs, The Public Transport Authority, and the General Directorate of Border Guard, and related parties on an ad hoc basis.

Wthaq is a digital platform issued as one of the latest solutions by Tabadul, for all bank guarantee transactions, enabling the user to view and issue bank guarantees through Saudi banks electronically.
In addition to our work with government sectors, Tabadul’s new strategy plans to work with the B2B business sector and offer new financial product solutions and partnerships across different countries to improve data exchange.

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