Pakistan Single Window

The Pakistan Single Window (PSW) is a Government of Pakistan initiative that leverages technology to reduce the time and cost of cross border trade by creating a secure digital platform for customs and regulatory clearance of imports, exports, and transit trade. The platform offers innovative B2G, G2G, and B2B services to its client base of more than 64,000 traders, as well as to the government departments, commercial banks, and private sector service providers associated with cross border trade. Additional services, features, and modules are constantly being added to the PSW ecosystem which besides the PSW platform also includes the Trade Information Portal, the Customs Management System, the Integrated Risk Management System, e-Commerce, and the Port Community Systems.

The PSW platform is currently offering services such as online customs registration, single declarations for customs and regulatory departments, digital payments, and electronic processing of licenses, permits, certificates, and other documents issued by various government agencies being integrated with the PSW system. It offers a robust, fully digitized trader verification system through integrations with other national databases and is also working on establishing connectivity with the single window/customs systems of partner countries. PSW enables real time data exchange amongst permissioned stakeholders including government agencies, traders, and service providers in a secure and efficient way.

Headquartered in Islamabad, PSW has aspirations to be a credible partner and active collaborator in trade tech and is working actively towards enhancing its participation in regional and international initiatives and partnerships aimed at enhancing trade facilitation through digitalization.

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