Pan-Asian e-Commerce Alliance Supports New UN Treaty on Paperless Trade Facilitation

20 October 2016 – Pan-Asian e-Commerce Alliance (PAA) fully supports the new United Nations (UN) Treaty on Paperless Trade Facilitation which was opened to members for signing on 1 October 2016. The Agreement provides the framework for cross border electronic exchange of trade documents, as well as for the respective governments to adopt message standards and secure data communication protocols, thereby harmonizing various initiatives on bilateral and multilateral paperless trade initiatives. Further, the Treaty serves as a tool for an efficient implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the WCO Revised Kyoto Convention.

As a pioneer in realizing cross border paperless trade and transactions, the PAA continuously extends its collaboration with other international organizations specializing in paperless trading. PAA members contributed their expertise and experience in facilitating paperless trade, with active participation during the Legal and Technical Work Group meetings, serving as valuable inputs in the drafting of the agreement.

PAA Chairman, Mr. Francis Lopez highly appreciated the benefit from this new treaty and said, “Tapping on tremendous growth in e-commerce, this treaty supports the coherent and harmonized implementation of paperless trade initiatives in the region and promoting mutual recognition of electronic data and documents to enhance trade. As such, the PAA members are in the best position to further facilitate B2B and B2G secure cross-border paperless trade service in close collaboration with their respective government, and develop more value added services. And we were also honoured to share our insight and experience with the participating government officials and representatives during the Inter-governmental Steering Committee and Work Group meetings.”


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