PAN ASIAN e-COMMERCE ALLIANCE reports significant success in Japan Advance Filing Rules

Fukuoka, 25 April 2014 – The 46th Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (“PAA”) Steering Committee meeting, hosted by NACCS Center, was held from 24th to 25th April, 2014 in Fukuoka, Japan.

Mr. Toshihiko Miyasaka, CEO of NACCS Center, expressed warm welcome to PAA members from 11 member economies, ‘This time we chose Fukuoka city, the traditional regional hub in trade and human inter-action with neighboring Asian cities. I consider this city suitable for us PAA which aims to enhance cross border trade in Asia.’

PAA Chairperson, Ms Joyce Lien in her speech claimed that PAA is very proud to be the first regional alliance consisting of a group of leading service providers in Customs and Trade facilitation, and also the first organization of its kind to realize the actual paperless trading transaction across countries. ‘PAA demonstrates the roles of service providers connecting the public and private sectors, fulfilling the regulatory requirements in the cross border B2G transactions. One very important achievement is the participation of PAA members in the Japan Advance Filing Rules (AFR) initiative; the Working Group has reported successful recruitment of freight forwarders in respective PAA regions. ‘ said Ms. Lien.

Going beyond that, Ms. Lien also announced its new initiative – the PAA B2B eMarketplace. Positioned as the trusted neutral 3rd-party one-stop services provider for cross-border trade and the unique niche of PAA Members, respectively playing the role of customs and trade service providers of the region, the PAA B2B eMarketplace is expected to be the largest trustable data source for global buyers searching for Asian products or partners.

In his keynote speech, the special guest of honor Deputy Director-General of the Customs and Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance Japan, Mr. Shinichi Goto acknowledged the contribution of PAA activities in achieving the two contrasting missions tasked to the customs administrations, namely safe and secured trade and trade facilitation. ‘For implementing AFR we received full cooperation from PAA members such as adjusting their systems to our AFR, conducting public relations activities at their own countries and regions. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thankfulness to PAA members.’

The 47th PAA Steering Committee Meeting will be held in Xi An, China on 21st to 22nd August 2014.

About Pan-Asian e-Commerce Alliance
The Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (PAA) aims to promote and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and facilities to enhance seamless trade globally.

PAA was founded in 2000, Current PAA Members comprise CAT of Thailand, CIECC of China, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, Dagang Net of Malaysia, InterCommerce of the Philippines, KTNET of Korea, NACCS of Japan, TEDMEV of Macao SAR, Tradelink of Hong Kong SAR, Trade-Van of Chinese Taipei and PT EDII of Indonesia. Combined customer base of the PAA members now exceeds 200,000 organizations, representing almost all active trading enterprises in the Asian market. For more information about PAA, visit

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