The 45th Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (“PAA”) Steering Committee meeting, Philippines.

December 6th 2013

PAN ASIAN e-COMMERCE ALLIANCE introduces public and private partnership model for cross border electronic Quarantine Certificate exchange

Makati, 6 December 2013 – The 45th Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (“PAA”) Steering Committee meeting, hosted by InterCommerce Network Services Inc., was held from 5th to 6th December 2013 in Makati, Philippines.

During the welcome dinner, Mr. Francis Lopez, President of InterCommerce expressed warm welcome to PAA members from 10 member economies, ‘It’s a fellowship night among PAA members and the government and private sectors in the Philippines’ Customs, Trade and Logistics domain. ‘

PAA Chairperson, Ms Joyce Lien in her speech claimed that PAA is very proud to be the first regional alliance consisting of a group of leading service providers in Customs and Trade facilitation, and also the first organization of its kind to realize the actual paperless trading transaction across countries. ‘Throughout the 13 years of close collaboration, Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance not only shows the strong tie of partnership helping the trade and customs community in the region to connect with their overseas partners via the secure and reliable PAA network, but also demonstrates the roles of service providers connecting the public and private sectors, fulfilling the regulatory requirements in the cross border B2G transactions.’ said Ms. Joyce Lien, the Chairperson of PAA.

In his keynote speech, the guest of honor, Commissioner of the Philippine Bureau of Customs Mr. Rozzano Rufino Biazon expressed the need to continue with on-going efforts to modernize Philippine Customs with the amendment of the Customs and Tariff Code, the continued adoption of automation and information technology and organizational reforms. While his term with Customs is expiring, he committed to pursue the enactment of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

Several exciting new initiatives in regards to cross border paperless trading have been reported by members. Among the various projects, the cross border electronic Certificate of Origin (e-CO) exchange and the e-SPS exchange clearly manifest the role of the PAA members, serving as the gateway to the domestic customs and government agencies, helping the trading community to successfully transform the cross border transaction which originally requires physical paper to be delivered by post mail or courier express into 100% paperless, at the same time increasing the authenticity of such transaction. PAA eMarketplace initiative is also being pursued by the Steering Committee to develop a trading platform for buyers around the world and the qualified exporters and manufacturers of the PAA member economies.

The 46th PAA Steering Committee Meeting will be held in Fukuoka, Japan on 24th to 25th April 2014.


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The Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (PAA) aims to promote and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and facilities to enhance seamless trade globally.

PAA was founded in 2000, Current PAA Members comprise CAT of Thailand, CIECC of China, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, Dagang Net of Malaysia, InterCommerce of the Philippines, KTNET of Korea, NACCS of Japan, TEDMEV of Macao SAR, Tradelink of Hong Kong SAR, Trade-Van of Chinese Taipei and PT EDII of Indonesia. Combined customer base of the PAA members now exceeds 200,000 organizations, representing almost all active trading enterprises in the Asian market. For more information about PAA, visit

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