PAA Strengthens Cross Border Customs Declaration Service

March 2nd 2005

2 March 2005, Hong Kong - The Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance, known as PAA, held the 18th Steering Committee meeting in Taipei from 17th November to 18th November 2004. Established in July 2000, it is the first regional e-Commerce alliance in Asia that provides secure and reliable IT infrastructure to promote efficient global trade and logistics. Current PAA Members comprise Tradelink of Hong Kong, Trade-Van of Chinese Taipei, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, KTNET of Korea, CIECC of China, TEDI Club of Japan, Dagang Net of Malaysia, TEDMEV of Macau. and CAT Telecom Public Co. Ltd of Thailand.

Speaking on behalf of the Alliance after the meeting, Dr. Chen, Jenn Nan, Chairman of the PAA and Trade-Van’s CEO said, ‘We are very proud to announce that the APEC ECSG (Electronic Commerce Steering Group), at its meeting held in Chile in September 2004, officially recognized PAA’s effort in promoting cross border electronic trade documentation services by according PAA a guest status in future APEC ECSG meetings.’

Chairman of Trade-Van, Mr. Lin Wei Yi expressed his warm welcome to all the PAA members and gave his full support for PAA regional cooperation. ‘The PAA initiatives have gained high recognition in global international organizations like APEC and AFACT, showing that PAA has a very promising future. At the same time, we are also working with some European partners to further extend PAA services to cover Europe region.’ Said Chairman Lin.

The PAA made further progress in various projects. The cross border customs declaration service had been launched and extended to freight forwarders between the following economies;

  1. Malaysia and Chinese Taipei
  2. Malaysia and Singapore
  3. Singapore and Thailand
  4. Singapore and Chinese Taipei

Pilot users and their overseas agents will benefit from the data sharing to facilitate the respective customs declarations. In addition, Tradelink and TradeCard have cooperated together to integrate the PAA secure cross border transaction service with the TradeCard financial settlement service.

Dr. Chen Jenn-Nan completed his chairmanship and Mr. Ryu, Chang-Moo, CEO of KTNET, was unanimously elected by the Steering Committee for the coming term.

The 18th Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong in February/March 2005.