April 11th 2008

The Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (PAA) held its 28th Steering Committee, meeting in Kyoto from 10-11 April, admitted Nippon Automated Cargo Clearance System Operations Organization (NACCS Center) to full membership of the PAA.

Mr  Amiruddin Abdul Aziz, the Chairman of the PAA, welcomed NACCS Center as a new member and appreciated the forward thinking process of the Japanese Government in making this move.

“I am happy that PAA is gaining more recognition with the business communities and also with government organizations,” the PAA Chairman said.

“I am especially proud to announce that the ASEAN Secretariat has accepted our offer for technical assistance in their ASEAN Single Window initiative. This truly reflects the recognition of our efforts and expertise.”

Mr Aoyama, Director General of the Customs and Tariff Bureau, guest of honour at the dinner given to the PAA, said that “international trade information will deliver beyond the border with linking NACCS and other National Single Windows.  First, the NACCS Center is planning to exchange invoice and packing list information.  Thereafter we are expecting certificate of origin to be exchanged with National Single windows.  In this viewpoint, I am very much looking forward to the PAA activities."

The PAA marked another milestone by admitting InterCommerce Network Services of the Philippines as a new Associate, and welcomed the continued contributions from the TEDI Club of Japan as an Associate.

The 29th PAA Meeting will be held in Je Ju Island, Korea in September 2008.