PAN ASIAN e-COMMERCE ALLIANCE Facilitates National Single Window Developments

December 9th 2011

Penang Malaysia, 9 December 2011 - The 39th Pan Asian e-Commerce Alliance (“PAA”) Steering Committee meeting, hosted by Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd (“Dagang Net”) was held here from 8th to 9th December 2011.

PAA Chairman, Dr. Michael Choi said that “PAA has further excelled its endeavor in the submission of advance cargo information and electronic Certificate of Origin. We witnessed that more and more customs authorities from the PAA economies have adopted these initiatives. I am glad to report that PAA is now all set and ready for these exciting challenges.”

He also stated that PAA’s PKI mutual recognition scheme has attracted a lot of attentions from around the globe. PAA has been approached by a number of Certification Authorities on possible collaborations.

“With all these exciting activities in our pipeline, I am sure you will all agree that the role of PAA in the international arena is indeed on the rising trend.” Dr. Michael Choi said.

The PAA welcomed Fanava Group, the leading ICT service provider of Iran and African Alliance for e-Commerce (“AACE”) to the meeting in sharing experience and identifying collaboration opportunities. "It is our pleasure having Fanava Group and AACE attending our meeting. PAA looks forward to exploring possibilities with these organizations. “said Dr. Michael Choi.

In his welcome speech, YBhg Datuk Haji Mohd Khalil Dato’ Haji Mohd Noor, Chairman of Dagang Net greeted PAA members visiting Penang Island, the “Pearl of the Orient” and attending the PAA meeting. He expressed his appreciation for opportunities that PAA has created for its members. “With the initiatives undertaken by PAA, there would be possible opportunities for further regional and global business expansions.  Members of the PAA will then be in a position to be key players in their local environment, and eventually, leading players in the global trade facilitation environment.” YBhg Datuk Haji Mohd Khalil Dato’ Haji Mohd Noor said.

In his address, the Guest of Honour, YBhg Dato’ Haji Ismail Haji Ibrahim, Head, Business Process Reengineering of Royal Malaysian Customs shared with the participants some of the latest trade facilitation development in Malaysia, including its National Single Window initiative. He commented that trade facilitation should no longer be overlooked as a powerful engine growth solely for trade expansion. Instead it should be seen as a critical tool to unleash the full economic gains for any trading nation including for those in the Asian region. “Led by the Malaysian Government’s Ministry of Finance, Malaysia’s very own NSW for trade facilitation was successfully implemented in September 2009. I believe that our next challenging task now is to link this with the emerging ASEAN Single Window initiative with some of the NSW PAA members. We are confident that this NSW can bring about that regional connectivity needed to increase the volume of Malaysia’s international trade and competitiveness as a trading nation.” YBhg Dato’ Haji Ismail Haji Ibrahim said. He further stated that:” Regional integration can be accelerated if there is a strong international and or regional alliance such as the PAA assisting and motivating all its members to move along this path to set up a regional gateway for trade.”

The 40th PAA Meeting will be held in Seoul Korea on 26th to 27th April 2012.