Dagang Net and Kale Logistics wins Malaysia Maritime single window contract to drive electronic data exchange in Port Klang

November 23rd 2023

DagangNet Technologies Sdn Bhd (Dagang Net), and its partner Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), have been awarded the Malaysia Maritime Single Window (MMSW) contract by Port Klang Authority and its nine subsidiary ports in Malaysia. Both parties are part of the Pan Asia e-Commerce Alliance (PAA), a 20-member global digital trade alliance that aims to promote and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and facilities for efficient global trade and logistics.

Under the contract, both parties will jointly develop and implement the MMSW platform, connecting Malaysia's ports to create the largest network of tech-enabled ports in a single country.  According to DNeX Executive Chairman Tan Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Dagang Net’s strategic partnership with Kale complements Dagang Net’s capability to grow its trade facilitation eServices for the maritime sector with the integration of MMSW, interconnecting nine ports to unite the community trade within the Port Klang Authority’s network with various other government agencies.

“We are confident of replicating and reconfiguring our expersite in handling seamless electronic transaction, leveraging our NSW for Trade Facilitation to optimise Malaysia’s maritime industry while enhancing its port efficiency and productivity. This can significantly contribute to efforts in improving Malaysia’s competitiveness in its transport and logistics sectors as well as overall operational efficiency, connectivity, and productivity across the country’s supply chain,” he said.

“Kale is helping Malaysia to set new standards of innovation in the Asia Pacific region and establish benchmarks for other countries to follow with the implementation of MMSW,” said Vineet Malhotra, Co-Founder and Director, Kale Logistics Solutions.“By interconnecting nine ports, set to support 40,000 vessel calls annually alongside Port Klang, the country is poised to optimise its maritime industry and enhance port efficiency to unprecedented levels."