China CA


Beijing Guo Fu An Security Electronic Commerce CA Co., Ltd., the “Certification Authority” of China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC) was launched in 1998. It operates and maintains the “Certification Authority System”, based on the CIECC’s “Electronic Commerce Information Authentication System”, one of the National Key Projects of Science and Technology.

Technically authenticated by both the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Cryptogram Administrative Committee, the “Electronic Commerce Information Authentication System” is the first self-developed certification system authenticated and copyrighted in Mainland China.

The “Certification Authority System” performs a full range of functions for certificate application, approval, issuance, management, revocation, and renewal, as well as audit. Subscribers may use the certificates issued by the system for digital signature and encryption to guarantee the authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of the transmitted information. Specifically, the CA provides S/MIME, SSL, CODE SIGN and other customized certificates in accordance with the X.509 standards. The ability to access all the features through a friendly interface, coupled with high transaction speed of certificate processing, allows the system to ensure the highest level of security, reliability and expansibility.

As a complete provider of e-commerce certification services, we implement and manage our certification authority system with a full set of rules to serve a complete range of digital certificates to government institutions, enterprises and individuals.

Moreover, the CA provides the government the services of securely transmitting the electronic documents for the electronic transactions, such as the networking of the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Offices of P.R.C, electronic bidding, online requesting and acceptance of the licenses of textiles quota, online approval and administration of the processing trade. To accommodate various industries and fields with diverse needs for communications and information security, it has begun to offer its services to the public. Currently we provide a variety of certificates, including the server certificates required by the financial institutions such as China Everbright Bank and other enterprises.