Singapore CA


Netrust was established in May 1997 as the first Certification Authority (CA) in Southeast Asia. A joint venture between Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation (Keppel T&T) and Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte Ltd (NETS), Netrust provides individuals, businesses and government organisations with a complete online identification and security infrastructure to enable secure electronic transactions via the Internet and other wireless media.

 In its capacity as a Certification Authority (CA), Netrust acts as a trusted third party (TTP) that issues and manages digital certificates. Netrust maintains a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certification service and in its CA role creates and signs X.509 digital certificates which bind individuals, organisations and application servers with the particular public key of each subscriber.

Netrust's PKI provides a secure environment where faceless electronic transactions can take place with trust on the Internet, Intranet and on wireless networks. It issues to participants of this environment, digital certificates - which are equivalent to electronic IDs - that give online identities to individuals, organisations and application servers. Netrust's digital certificates can be issued globally and provide complete online identification and security for secure electronic transactions. It supports the core security requirements of Authentication, Authorization, Confidentiality, Data Integrity and Non-Repudiation